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accelant and Bentley University partner to activate hands-on HubSpot learning

In today’s competitive job market, college students face numerous challenges as they prepare to enter the workforce. Uncertainty in career paths, minimal experience with standard industry technologies, and limited job opportunities are common hurdles that can hinder their success.  

Recognizing these challenges, accelant has formed a strategic partnership with Bentley University to equip students with the skills and experience needed to thrive in the professional world. 

Program overview  

Traditional marketing classes lack the hands-on learning to prepare students for the realities of the professional workforce with students rarely being taught how to navigate the tools they will use in an entry level digital marketing position. In partnership between Professor Ian Cross and accelant, a new class curriculum was developed that gives students a head start by focusing on gaining practical, real-world experiences as a digital marketer. 

Partnering with accelant brings hands-on HubSpot experience into the classroom to go beyond traditional academia and bridges the gap between theory and practice. Together, we cultivate a learning environment where students are better equipped to succeed post-grad.

- Ian Cross, Marketing Professor, Bentley University

Elevating through collaboration

Bentley’s Digital Marketing course, MK361, offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on content and inbound marketing and provides students with the essential skills needed to succeed in a digital marketing world. Elevated by the collaboration with accelant and HubSpot’s Education Partner Program, this course exposes students to the power of HubSpot. It allows them to witness the impact of marketing automation on full-funnel marketing campaigns. 

Over the semester, students strategize, execute and deliver a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. They consider every step of the campaign structure including, 

  • Strategic marketing plan 
  • Buyer persona development 
  • Customer journey mapping 
  • Content creation
  • Campaign measurement and analytics

Getting real experience in a platform like HubSpot is giving me skills that will help me after graduation and partnering with the team at accelant has allowed me to get more insight into the day-to-day of working in a fast-paced marketing environment.

- Nina Hatziyannakis, Bentley class of 2024

Taking it further with mentorship

As HubSpot and digital marketing experts, the team at accelant mentor students on campaign strategy from inception to execution. This one-on-one mentorship with industry professionals helps students get ahead in their careers by increasing confidence in their practical skillsets, allowing them to learn from professional feedback and boosting their resumes through this experience. Furthermore, internship offerings within accelant enable some students to experience firsthand marketing initiatives and capitalize on the opportunity to learn.  

Get to know the accelant mentors. 


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