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HubSpot has the power to streamline the entire customer journey. Our mission is to unlock that power through our deep operational experience to help our customers achieve accelerated top-line and bottom-line growth. 

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Elevating your HubSpot experience

years of experience
HubSpot certifications
known technologies
George Roadman Headshot

George Roadman

Founder & CEO

Chris Algiere Headshot

Chris Algiere

Senior Director, Account Management

Maggie Stevens Headshot

Maggie Stevens

Director of Solutions

Katlynne Shields Headshot

Katlynne Shields

Account Manager

Britt Whittington Headshot

Britt Whittington

Principal Solutions Architect

Kieran Quinn Headshot

Kieran Quinn

Solutions Architect

Becca Raffo Headshot

Becca Raffo

Account Manager

Jeremy Mandle Headshot

Jeremy Mandle

Director, CMS Practice

Casey Lockwood Headshot

Casey Lockwood

Global Sales Director

Christina Gustovich Headshot

Christina Gustovich

Sales Associate

Allie McDevitt Headshot

Allie McDevitt

Director of Marketing

Breanna Durand Headshot

Breanna Durand

Marketing Intern

Mike Hanrahan Headshot

Mike Hanrahan

Senior Director, Integrations

Kyle Brackman Headshot

Kyle Brackman

Solutions Engineer

Anna Fell Headshot

Anna Fell

Account Manager

Katie Kanyok Headshot

Katie Kanyok

Account Manager

Ryan Jepson Headshot

Ryan Jepson

Sales Executive

Laura Conway Headshot

Laura Conway

Senior Marketing Consultant

Coop Caiozzo Headshot

Coop Caiozzo

Marketing Intern

Anastasia Costa Headshot

Anastasia Costa

Solution Consultant

Kaelyn Farmer Headshot

Kaelyn Farmer

Account Manager

Lukas Lauer-Whippo Headshot

Lukas Lauer-Whippo

Implementation Manager

Peter O'Donohue Headshot

Peter O'Donohue

Financial Analyst

Ryan Kelly Headshot

Ryan Kelly

Implementation Specialist

Malki Velez Headshot

Malki Velez

Implementation Specialist

Nikki Roadman Headshot

Nikki Roadman

Public Relations Specialist