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Global manufacturer powers on data-driven marketing by migrating from Marketo to HubSpot

"Simplifying our marketing automation was so important to us and the entire accelant team went above and beyond our expectations to migrate and enable us for success."

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Streamlined Marketo Migration

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Tekscan, a global manufacturer of Pressure Mapping Systems, Force Sensors and Measurement Systems, recognized the need for a marketing automation platform that would simplify user experience for their marketing team, while simultaneously offering increased visibility into their marketing performance. As a result, the team made the decision to migrate years' worth of data and processes from Marketo to HubSpot.

Tekscan needed an experienced team to strategize, implement, and enable their migration. accelant partnered with Tekscan to optimize the transition through their proven Streamlined Marketo Migration methodology.  


Large scale migration for small marketing team

needed to migrate their entire contact database and marketing processes from Marketo. These two critical factors drove the timing and pace:

  • Recent departure of Marketing Operations Manager.
  • 10 weeks until Marketo license expires.

These challenges were magnified by the complexities of their marketing strategy with four highly specialized divisions, and programs that focused on pre- and post- purchase targets. 

Scale of migration 

Tekscan had accumulated a vast reservoir of data, marketing assets and critical operational automations within Marketo. The following were identified and targeted for migration by accelant:

  • 35 forms across 200 web pages
  • 30 email templates
  • 30 operational and campaign workflows 

accelant saw ample opportunity to optimize Tekscan’s marketing approach.

Complex historic processes

Over the years, Tekscan developed intricate Marketo processes designed to solve their unique use cases and fit within the structures of a complex marketing automation platform. These customizations resulted in nuanced dependencies within their automations, and yet, due to complexity of Marketo, the team had limited visibility into their effectiveness. 

Differences in Marketo <> HubSpot functionality 

The transfer of data, processes and people from Marketo to HubSpot requires an analysis of functionality across both platforms to properly configure the system. accelant’s deep operational expertise allowed them to identify parallel features, redefine processes, and retrain the marketing team to ensure a smooth and efficient transition that maximized the transparency and simplicity of HubSpot.



A proven migration methodology
rooted in operational excellence

accelant team provided Tekscan with a comprehensive migration plan and facilitated the smooth transition of all data and processes from Marketo to HubSpot

Marketing strategy refinement 

After initial discovery unveiled an in-depth library of assets and programs, accelant provided strategic marketing guidance to Tekscan. This included recommendations for simplifications to many of their marketing components, such as global form structure (by pivoting to accelant’s recommendation to use HubSpot’s HubDB tool, the team was able to move away from their historic solution which required the use of custom JavaScript added to their website and the storage of data in a unsecured Google Sheet), email template strategy, and reporting by utilizing many native functions of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. 

Detailed-oriented data migration

By analyzing the data structures of both Marketo and HubSpot, accelant was able to map out the best approach to migrate Tekscan’s data from Marketo while ensuring a clean sync between HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Unified marketing funnel architecture  

The accelant team partnered with Tekscan to align their previous lead journey process to a best-in-class marketing funnel, taking prospects from their initial interaction through various lifecycle stages to the eventual hand-off to sales through a streamlined and efficient customer journey that integrated with Tekscan’s current tech stack.

As our marketing team has gotten smaller over the years, we rely heavily on our vendor partners for a variety of services. When deciding to move from Marketo to HubSpot we engaged with the accelant team and were immediately blown away by their professionalism, knowledge and excitement for our migration project. Simplifying our marketing automation was so important to us and the entire accelant team went above and beyond our expectations to migrate and enable us for success. We can’t say enough positive things about our experience and are very much looking forward to continuing to work with the team. If there was an award, accelant would receive our “Best Partner/Vendor Award”.

Jen Cullen, Director of Marketing & Customer Service


Enhanced user experience and clear marketing performance data

By embracing native HubSpot functionality,
Tekscan empowered their marketing team with a platform focused on user experience and powerful reporting, while simplifying their methods through a new lead acquisition strategy and assets that leveraged HubSpot's best-in-class drag and drop tools.

Enhanced user experience

Due to the complexity of Marketo, gaining useful insights required in-depth analysis and custom report building that was difficult to navigate and required a dedicated staff person to truly understand how to set up, deploy and report on their marketing activities. In HubSpot, the entire marketing team is empowered to set up, revise, and track the performance of their campaigns, with a variety of tools ranging from campaigns, workflows, and dashboards that are easy to navigate and offer out of the box metrics at their fingertips. 

Powerful marketing reporting

Tekscan's migration from Marketo to HubSpot drastically enhanced the marketing team’s ability to access performance data across a variety of channels, empowering every member of the team to make data-driven marketing decisions.  

Long term end-to-end efficiency

The updates made to Tekscans lead journey and Marketing funnel lays the groundwork for the organization to consider a transition from their current Sales platform to HubSpot. By unifying their current Sales process to their new Marketing funnel, Tekscan can smoothly integrate their Sales team into a unified, end-to-end HubSpot system, ensuring continued efficiency and alignment across teams.

Interested to learn how your organization can benefit from accelant's Streamlined Marketo Migration?